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PBM People
PBM People
VISION Vision- Turn TOP 10 automobile company into a company
with human respect in 2023!
  • Mid/long-term Education Practice

    Mid/long-term education for training future

    Oriented(participation in seminars related to cars
    and IT/strengthening technology education for research
    and development/personalized education for improving management planning ability)
  • Mid/long-term Education Practice

    We support training programs for new employee to contribute to human society.

    Entering the company
    – A Training for enterprise OJT and PBM AUTO/Setting up a vision about each employee’s company
    and training for problem-solving ability.
Personnel system
  • Evaluation system
    achievement management based on individual’s ability and business promotion ability/fair
    and objective evaluation and process establishment/human capability reinforcement by evaluation results in a mid/long-term perspective.