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Business Philosophy
Management Policy
"Consolidate global competitive power through raising product competitiveness and realizing customer value." Overcome Risk of low growth and consolidate constant growth foundation.
First priority Improvement
of product competitiveness
  • Product strategy connected with mid/long-term strategy and plan,
  • Consolidate innovative cost competitiveness,
  • Consolidate quality competence about key components.
Realization of Differentiated
customer value
  • Establish business mind putting priority on customer Needs
  • Raise customer satisfaction through the best quality/differentiated service
  • Improve company’s structure for creative communication and cooperation
Global standard internalization
  • Define standardized process and Observe thoroughly principle
  • Consolidate social responsibility and ethical management
  • Secure workforce with key technology and foster human resource
Management Ideology System
"Huge blueprint connecting PBM’s past, present and future." Management Ideology System is huge blueprint and a pivot putting together company, a living organism, and past, present, future.
PBM keeps maintaining and improving the system by defining challenge
which achieved success and gene of passion as Management Ideology System consisted of management philosophy, vision and main value based on philosophy and spirit continued until now.
  • Management philosophy
    It is the most fundamental reason and purpose PBM exist and spirit of our basis.


  • Main value
    It is the value internalized in all employees in order to achieve management philosophy and vision and pursued by standards of action and decision-making.
  • Vision
    It is the business goal being sure to achieve for the next 10 years and we are going to achieve the vision through concrete management strategy and task for action.
We realize dream of human society by creating new future
through creative thinking and endless challenge.
  • Infinite Responsibility
    We try to successfully lead the business based on responsibility about interests. Furthermore we have improved the responsibility which provides the best quality to our customers.


  • Realization of Possibility
    Our unique challenge spirit rejecting comfort and settlement for the present and not being afraid of failure is key DNA to success which turns impossibility into possibility. We are going to grow and progress with employees, subcontractors and community based on the frontier spirit which served as a foundation of a brilliant success and right entrepreneur spirit
  • Salvation of love for humanity
    Not only the biggest purpose but also the best value of corporate management activity is to realize love for human. We would like to contribute to improving a standard of living in overall human society. Furthermore, we desire to be a company which can actively cope with environment problems and contribute to global community.
Standards of action and decision-making PBM pursues All employees pursue 5 core values as standards of action and decision-making in order to achieve future vision based on success DNA indwelling in PBM.