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First of all, I am glad to see our customers through our homepage. I sincerely appreciate you loving our PBM AUTO and
helping us have made today by giving unstinting encouragement and support.
1. A company taking the lead in future-oriented
  automobile components market
We are an automobile components maker that is future-oriented, pursues humanism,
and has much better technology while contributing to humanity and society in the 21th century.
We specialize in manufacturing lamp base and connecter socket for cars.
2. A company taking the lead in IT and Robot industry market
We are going to be a leading company of IT and
robot industry in the 21th century pursuing not only technical development but also design,
performance advancement and stability in order to cope with the changes of our constant human industry.
3. A company considering customers as its top priority
   and being respected and trusted.
Constant research and development and respect and trust about customers are based on the driving force of our growth.
We, PBM AUTO, are going to have mind contributing to human development
through constant investment to human resource development in order to improve environment in workplace
and develop technology based on corporate philosophy of consumer satisfaction management,
the best technology and quality stability. – offered by CEO, all employees